Testimonials from Real Clients

Laura K.

Rose is an excellent trainer who will listen to what your needs are and tailor a program just for you.  She is flexible, personable, helpful kind and a great motivator.  She takes her time to show you each exercise and how to properly do that exercise for the best results.  You also will never have the same workout twice.  I am a  38 year old who never has been to the gym or really worked out my entire life and I would actually look forward to seeing Rose and working out with her three days a week.  She made it fun, always changed things up and I definitely saw results!  You will not be disappointed if you are lucky enough to have Rose as your trainer.

Tricia E.

Rose is always responsive and respectful of my physical limits while still pushing me and encouraging me to achieve my goals.  She is a fantastic trainer and I would recommend her to anyone of any fitness level to work out with her.

Lisa L.

Rose is an outstanding trainer.  I worked with Rose twice a week for almost a year.  I started with her after returning to exercise from a back injury and she has a large array of knowledge with a sensitivity toward physical limitation which made her the perfect trainer for me!  She always kept things interesting with a variety of exercises and equipment.  I was able to progress physically without any worry she would take any unnecessary risk with my back.  She always found new ways to provide me with a full body workout through creative exercise routines.

As a person, Rose is warm and interesting and someone who I enjoyed spending time with.  Getting through a workout was always fun even when the exercises were challenging.  I learned enough to branch out on my own so I am now happy to also call her my friend.

I have no reservation about recommending Rose wholeheartedly!


She made me work!  I am stronger and leaner than I have been in years.  Makes me work harder than I would if I did it myself, which I wouldn't!  The workouts are different and varied so becoming bored is not an option.  Love it!